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Evil Comics

Scary monsters fucking hot chicks.
Niche: Comics; Signup price: $29.95

Evil Comics
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Site quality3.5
Update frequency3.5
Site usability2.5
Content amount4.5
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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The biggest advantage to animated porn is that there are no limits to what can be drawn. Some people have fantasies that can’t possibly come to life in real porn but there are no regulations with animated smut. If you have a credit card then you also have access to some of the naughtiest hardcore action on the web. Evil Comics operates at the far end of the spectrum as they bring you aliens and monsters and beasts of all kinds fucking and sucking hot chicks.

If you’re reading this review then you probably know that alien/sci-fi sex is a pretty big niche. There’s something about a foreign being fucked a hot slut that really gets guys going and the folks at Evil Comics know this is the case and they’ve hired artists to put together some of the naughtiest hardcore stuff in the genre. The tour gives you a small taste of this action and shows that it’s not all alien fucking – just in case you want a taste of something a little more normal in between your beast sex.

Members Area Details

The paid area of Evil Comics is poorly designed but it’s not hard to find your away around. The most recent updates can be found at the top of the page and updates are done frequently enough that you’ll not soon run out of porn. There’s also a section for movie updates but there are no movies at Evil Comics so it seems like a cruel tease. This is a picture site only. That being said, they’ve built an enormous collection of animated porn pictures with more than 35,000 in the collection. They’re divided into a few categories: 3D, art, comics, hentai, stories and toons.

Members area of Evil Comics #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Evil Comics #2
members area screenshot #2

The 3D porn is as you’d expect. It looks a little crude because we’re used to the stuff we see in the movie theaters and they don’t have that kind of budget but if you’re looking for a more realistic animated fuck it’s decent. The art is comic style porn but without the dialogue bubbles. It too is hot and you really get to see how deep the fantasies of the artists run. There doesn’t seem to be any limit on what they can create. The comics are dialogue heavy and for the most part they’re well written. There’s a lot of black and white but that should be familiar to the big time comics fans out there. Coloring takes a great deal of time and once again they don’t have huge budgets. I find that the dialogue makes the porn even more arousing as it sends my imagination into overdrive.

The hentai section is by far the biggest with more than 20,000 images. Some of the galleries have a theme and are telling a story while others are simply enormous collections of hentai porn. In addition to categories like bondage and aliens you’ll find specific shows, characters and movies have their own pages. Examples include NightWing, Misegatari and MiMon. The stories aren’t actually cartoon porn; they’re basically hardcore images with captions, some of which make sense and some of which are rubbish. You’re best off steering clear. Finally there are the toons, which are basically an extension of the art porn pages.


Evil Comics has volume; tons and tons of volume in fact. With more than 35,000 images total it’s one of the largest comic porn sites out there. However, they fall short in the organization department. Many of the galleries are haphazardly thrown together and annoying to browse. The comics section is the only one that doesn’t suffer from this and those are poorly labeled so it’s difficult to tell what you’re choosing. If you can manage these minor issues then you’ll find an awful lot to like about Evil Comics.

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Free Picture Galleries

Here are few sample picture galleries from Evil Comics site. You should visit a site if you want to get more galleries.

Evil Comics Gallery 1: Wicked Monsters Fucking Hard
Wicked Monsters Fucking Hard

Evil Comics Gallery 2: Monsters Play It Rough
Monsters Play It Rough

Evil Comics Gallery 3: Chicks Get Tied And Fucked
Chicks Get Tied And Fucked

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