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Hentai Niches

Thereís so much content to choose from itís amazing.
Niche: Hentai; Signup price: $29.95

Hentai Niches
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Site quality5.0
Update frequency5.0
Site usability5.0
Content amount5.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating5.0
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How many hentai niches you can you think of? At Hentai Niches, a stunning adult site, they have eight of them and as far as I can tell they cover everything. Whatís great is that theyíve developed a sub-site for each niche to make sure that you get the most content possible. The site is built on full length, downloadable hentai movies and thereís some seriously kinky stuff for your sexual amusement. Visit the tour and youíll see the breadth of the content and I can assure you that youíll be amazed.

On the first page they have the eight niches for you to choose from. Pick one and youíll see preview screenshots from some of the films that are available for download in that niche. The pictures are generally very high quality and they give you an accurate depiction of the hardcore fucking that will be your pleasure to enjoy as a member. They really do have it all here and you should make an effort to see the tour before you go any further.

Members Area Details

Inside it looks very much like the tour in that youíre asked to select your desired niche. Your choices are anal, big tits, straight, group, bondage, lesbian, dickgirl and tentacle. Pick a niche and once again it looks just like the tour, except this time you can actually download the movies and they show the full collection. Thereís a ton of hardcore hentai porn here. The straight section alone is home to more than 400 full length videos. There are five preview pictures from each and then you just right click on the download button and in a few short minutes the scene will be yours to enjoy.

Members area of Hentai Niches #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Hentai Niches #2
members area screenshot #2

The niches are true to their intent. The anal section features nothing but girls getting fucked up the ass. The best movies are the ones where the girls take a cock in the ass and a cock in the mouth at the same time. Some of them donít seem all that happy to be double teamed but thatís not our concern. The hentai chicks in the big tits category are exceptionally well endowed and because this is cartoon porn youíll notice that they all have tiny waists to go with those big boobs. They donít really need to make them realistic because everyone wants to see the toon version of the ideal woman.

The straight sex category is pretty much what youíd expect and what youíve probably seen the most of if you have any experience with hentai. Thereís dick sucking, pussy eating, fucking and cumshots. The girls are once again wildly passionate and the guys are hot for pussy. All these videos are in Japanese so you might lose out on the plot but I canít imagine that youíre watching hentai porn because you like the plot. The group sex scenes are my favorite with three, four, five and sometimes more guys taking on a slut at the same time. In those I really like the moaning and groaning that goes on as the girls are fucked deep and hard.

The lesbian scenes are sexy, especially those that feature schoolgirls. I love watching them kiss. Seeing their tongues snake out of their mouths and lick titty and pussy is pretty wild. They share dildos in some scenes and thatís hot. The dickgirl category is a little different from typical shemale porn. In most cases the girls have cocks but they also have pussies. Sometimes they have two cocks. Again, this is hentai and they can do just about anything they want with the content. Often they choose to do wild and crazy stuff.

Bondage is a popular category with more than 200 videos featuring hentai chicks being tied up and abused. My favorite features a green eyed maid tied up and gagged while she gets fucked and penetrated with a dildo. Thatís really just the beginning of the fun though. Finally thereís the tentacle porn, which anime fans are probably familiar with. This category features more than 80 full length movies so you know itís awfully popular and common. Itís basically alien tentacles penetrating hot hentai chicks. Thereís an aspect to it thatís mysterious and wonderful.


Hentai Niches is a huge site and Iím almost surprised that itís only $30 for a monthís access. If you join for 90 days youíll pay even less at $57. We donít need much space here because I can say that if you like hentai then you should absolutely become a member. What more is there to say? The video quality is good, the server speeds are fast so downloads are easy and thatís all you need to know.

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