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Lust Comics

Super sexy girls fucking in comics.
Niche: Comics; Signup price: $29.95

Lust Comics
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency3.5
Site usability2.5
Content amount4.0
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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Some cartoon porn sites go to extremes with their drawings, putting out content that doesnít really look realistic. Thereís an appeal to that because you can venture outside whatís normal to enjoy your fantasies. Then there are sites like Lust Comics that want to draw the epitome of the perfect female and let you live out your fantasies of being with the most beautiful women in the world. Both are viable approaches; itís just a matter of choosing which appeals to you more.

If you want to know what Iím talking about then visit the tour for Lust Comics. There are three pictures that jump out at you immediately. The chicks are all very beautiful and they all have huge tits, which is something lots of guys dream about. They just want to make your ideal woman a reality and help you achieve the sexual pleasures that your hormones are driving you to seek. The tour lasts a couple of pages and they share a fair number of pictures with you so itís definitely worth a look.

Members Area Details

The content at Lust Comics is divided into five categories: Art, comics, hentai, stories and bonus photos. The bonus content is all live action stuff so weíre going to skip over talking about it. Itís not bad but itís also not good so itís definitely not a reason to join. The art section features 31 images and is once again not worth talking about. What we want to focus our attention on is the comics. That section boasts more than 13,000 images, which is basically the entire site.

Members area of Lust Comics #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Lust Comics #2
members area screenshot #2

Most of the comics are in depth and impressive. They have 20-50 pages on average and most of the pages have multiple panels. The writing is hit and miss; I get the feeling theyíve pulled these comics from multiple sources and that theyíre probably not exclusive. When the writing is good itís a thrill to read and when itís bad you should skip right over it and concentrate on the images. Otherwise youíll end up confused and what was once a boner will just be a little deflated lump.

Many of the comics are drawn in pencil and are thus in black and white. I prefer the color comics and there are plenty of those so itís not a big deal. Still, if you loathe black and white because it stifles your sexual enjoyment of the hand drawn smut then you should keep in mind that your content total will be limited. The hentai section is tiny as well with only 89 images. The stories section is bigger but itís all just images with captions laid over them and very few of them make any sense or are arousing in any way. Iím not entirely sure why they bothered. Your membership also comes with free access to five other comic sites and in that way is a pretty good deal.


Lust Comics delivers the goods with more than 13,000 images in the comic category. Most feature dialogue and a good portion of it is well written (while some is utterly awful). About half the comics are in black and white and the other half have been colored. Iíd prefer it if they were all in color but everyone has their preference. Thereís also a collection of roughly 12,000 live action bonus pictures. If youíre at all interested in that sort of stuff then itís an even better deal.

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Free Picture Galleries

Here are few sample picture galleries from Lust Comics site. You should visit a site if you want to get more galleries.

Lust Comics Gallery 1: Chicks Get Severe Punishment
Chicks Get Severe Punishment

Lust Comics Gallery 2: Nasty Babes Join Alien Freak Show
Nasty Babes Join Alien Freak Show

Lust Comics Gallery 3: Hot Nurse Seduces Her Patient
Hot Nurse Seduces Her Patient

Visitors Opinion

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